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My take home experiences from the Global Landscapes Forum 2016

The global landscape forum at Marrakech was a very interesting forum where more than four hundred participants from all over the world gathered on the sixteenth of November . These included  politicians, scientists and activists working to preserve the world’s landscape.

At the forum, there were many side events, workshops and expositions of products and books about preserving the environment over the world. Major topics from the forum discussions dealt with politics, gender equality and the shift to the new technologies.

The first talk was given by various politicians who cited issues which are blocking the action of preserving the landscapes over the world such as conflicts between countries emerging especially at the under developed countries.  These wars not only block these countries from replanting their lands, but also promote the use of chemicals that makes the environment unhealthy for both the fauna and the flora. 

Additionally, the lack of water for example in Sudan as the representative of this country cited, hinders reforestation.  However, all is not lost as the team plans to create a great green wall which is a plan of action from the commitment of Paris, an agreement that will aid countries to be able to come out of all this problems at the near future. 

In another session, the talk was about gender equality at the action of preserving the landscape. The panel members cited how women on the last decade improved their presence in many different domains especially in developed countries. However, in developing countries, women are still suffering from discrimination from many essential domains like education and health. The panelists shed light on successful projects by women in third world countries showing that it is not late to start the change since women as they said are the societies mothers and have an influence on their children so they could educate the societies on how to protect the nature. 

In a very interesting round table, the participants gathered to exchange their ideas on how to use the new technologies on protecting the landscapes and improving the human contact with the globe, agriculture and points of contact between human and nature. 

Looking forward to continue with these  more landscapes focussed discussions in the future.