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Tell us how we can support you better in 2018

Happy New Year YPARDians!

It is that time of the year when we invite you to participate in the YPARD global members survey to help share insights on how we can serve you better in 2018. 

This survey is gathering information on the services offered by YPARD and their value to YPARD members in 2017.  We hope to assess what services are considered most valuable and improve upon them, as well as measure progress against the 2014-2018 business plan.  The results of the survey will appear in the YPARD 2017 annual report which will be published later in the year and available to all.

The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to fill out. It is anonymous, so please express your opinions freely.

In cognizant of the fact that we are a global multilingual network, this year, we have diversified the survey to reach the Francophone and Hispanophone YPARDians. To take the survey in your preferred language, visit the links below;

In English :

In French :

In Spanish :

Thank you for completing the survey before February 15th  2018.