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International poultry symposium: Moments and memories

It was a great privilege to represent YPARD Nepal in the three days International poultry symposium in Bharatpur Garden Resort Chitwan, Nepal with the theme “Meeting Poultry Demand for Food Safety and Security” from 28th – 30th October 2018.

The symposium was jointly organized by Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) Chitwan Nepal, Ministry of Agriculture And Livestock Development Nepal, Food And Agricultural Organization Nepal, Nepal Agriculture Research Council and Michigan State University, USA. 

The main objective of the symposium was to provide a platform to share knowledge among national and international scientists working in the field of poultry production, education, research, and extension. 

The programme was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Province 3, Dormani Poudel who affirmed the possible support from the government level to promote poultry farming in the province and committed to making necessary plans and policies that directly benefit the farmer. 

Main organizing committee chair of the symposium and Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Science, Animal Science and Fisheries of AFU Prof. Dr. Sharada Thapaliya added the significance of such events and committed to organizing similar events in the future.  On the very occasion, Vice Chancellor of Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) Nepal, Prof. Dr. Ishwari Prasad Dhakal, National Planning Commission member Usha Jha, Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development Prakash Mathema, Dr. Hom Bahadur Basnet, and AFU Registrar Manaraj Kolachhapati also placed their opinions about the theme.

The event was a platform for the presentation of one hundred and fifteen research-based papers on the policy and social economic status related to poultry production, poultry nutrition, health management, heredity, reproduction management, biological technology, and integrated and rural poultry farming. 

Those scientific presentations were scheduled on respective days as per the theme. Similarly, a total of sixty-two abstracts were selected for poster presentations and was also scheduled for the second and third day on the respective theme. On the first day, soon after inauguration session, there was a special keynote address by guests and soon after launch, the plenary session on the theme; "Policy and Socioeconomic of Poultry Production" commenced. 

On the second day, the theme was, "Poultry Nutrition and Health" followed by poster presentation session. SimilarlySimilarly, on the third day, the theme was "Poultry Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology" before the tea break. Right after the tea break, the theme of the presentation was, "Integrated Farming and Backyard Poultry". 

IPSThe workshop was attended by the professional poultry farmers, representatives, and experts of the related organization from Nepal, India, Japan, Australia, Germany, Bangladesh, America, Bhutan, and Egypt. On the last day, there was the closing ceremony in which the best four posters were awarded cash prize and certificate as well as the certificate of participation for all participants.

It was really a great platform and great exposure for the student of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry like me. I got the chance to enhance my knowledge regarding various aspects of poultry science that will definitely play a significant role in my future career. I got the chance to be connected to different poultry entrepreneurs and concerned stakeholders. 

I realized that this symposium really acts as a bridge to connect students, policymakers, entrepreneurs, researcher and progressive farmers and provide the common platform to share the problems, experiences, innovative ideas, appropriate solutions, etc. Keynote presentations and research-based presentation from all around the globe was the best part of the symposium from my perspective. In conclusion, it was really a great learning platform for me.

At last, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to our Mentor Mr. Abhishek Khadka, Country Representative of YPARD Nepal for encouraging and providing me this wonderful opportunity. 


Picture credits: Subash Belbase