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Rethinking, reinventing and retooling the RNE (entry 2)

YPARD is currently collaborating with FAO to design and plan the best approach in tackling the agricultural sector challenges in the non-conflictual zones in the RNE (North Africa and Near East region).  Looking at the climate and natural resources available in those countries, we note that there are many challenges to overcome. 

We could cite countries like Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen… Agriculture in many RNE countries is contributing to small proportions of the national GDP and it relies on food import to satisfy its needs in terms of food consumption.

oil exports dependencyIt is worth mentioning that, according to FAO, the GDP of most of those countries relies on oil export, which is not sustainable in the long term according to the report on “Economic Diversification in Oil-Exporting Arab Countries” prepared by a staff of the International Monetary Fund. Therefore, empowering the agricultural sector with the help of new practices, technologies and improved varieties will get them on track toward sustainable food systems. 

Empowerment through the education of future active citizens, explaining the importance of agriculture and its benefits. We believe that this form of motivation will drive more young people to get involved in this sector. Moreover, introducing improved varieties, innovative irrigation systems and practices. Those ideas could be introduced at an early age in schools, scout organizations familiarizing them with the agricultural sector while creating a positive idea about it.

YPARD has the possibility to engage in the educational process by assisting schools and community to share and disseminate agricultural sense and skills, which will take place through activities, curricula, games or even competitions keeping in mind that creativity is the key to great learning, especially among young people. 

Assisting through this process, YPARD will continue to fulfil its mission and vision of enabling and empowering young to shape sustainable food systems creating a food secure world without poverty with its team sharing information and supporting others.

It is worth noting that opportunities to get involved in this work are open to YPARD members, feel free to express your interest to contribute in this agenda by contacting me on as we highly encourage young people to contribute for this better future.


Photo credit: FAO