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The Federal Republic of Nigeria commonly referred to as Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic in West Africa with a growing population of 184 million people and it is popularly termed as the “Giant of Africa” in terms of resources and growth rate. The country has a long history of agricultural exploits before the discovery of crude oil which drastically shifted away people’s interest from agriculture.

Statistically, unemployment rate is 12.1% and youth unemployment is 42.24 % but it is recorded that agriculture remains the dominant sector in the rural and urban areas of Nigeria providing employment for about 60% of the work force with fewer youths involved in the sector. At the point where the face of agriculture in Nigeria needed restructuring to get more youths involvement in agriculture, make policies, have strategic debates and ultimately information sharing to improve the image of agriculture in the country, YPARD Nigeria came into existence as a ‘wind of change’.

YPARD Nigeria is a network of active young Nigerians interested in the agricultural sector who share information, contribute to issues concerning the agricultural sector in the country and promotes agriculture amongst the youths in Nigeria. It has grown to become a national platform that enables the young people in agriculture to come together to interact, put together ideas, and to encourage other youths to get engaged in the sector as a viable solution to unemployment and for sustainability. The network also tries to facilitate access to capacity building of the youth in agriculture. Its members at various levels attend and participate in face to face meetings within and outside the country where they give a voice to issues related to Youths and Agriculture.

The activity of the YPARD Nigeria chapter is coordinated by the Country Representative and a vibrant team of 10 other local representatives across the country.

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