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The African Farming’s 2nd Edition Agribusiness Summit

The African Farming’s 2nd Edition Agribusiness Summit is set to take place from 27-28 August in Abuja, Nigeria. The two-day summit will gather government officials, academics, high-level stakeholders, agribusiness owners as well as manufacturers to tackle the problems through thought-provoking presentations and panel discussions.

YPARD Nigeria is one of the Association Partners among other collaborating stakeholders.

Furthermore, it will create a cohesive platform for trade, investment and learning opportunities.

Some of the issues that will be addressed at the summit are:

•Laws, regulations and governmental policies in the agricultural sector
•Farm management
•Machinery used in horticulture and livestock farming
•Lack of education and training of agripreneurs
•Dormant research facilities
•Inadequate irrigation systems

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