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Webinar-Market Opportunities for Sustainable Innovation in Africa

The outcome of COP21  has been hailed a success, providing the market certainty to begin to drive a global low carbon transition. $100 billion has been pledged annually to support this process in developing countries, boosting the opportunities for innovation where climate change mitigation and adaptation is most urgently required.

In regions of Africa climate change is already hindering sustainable development by contributing to reduced rainfall, warmer temperatures, flooding and the spread of water-borne diseases. Whilst Africa contributes relatively little to global greenhouse gas emissions, a lower adaptive capacity makes many regions more vulnerable to these impacts.

The $100 billion fund defined at COP21 will boost the huge finance and technology effort already underway in the region, where technology leapfrogging is providing tailored solutions to energy provision, agriculture and water management at both large and local scales throughout the continent.

This webinar, held ahead of the UN Environment Assembly this May, will bring together investors, policy makers and technology developers to explore the latest opportunities available across Africa and the progress being made towards a low carbon development trajectory.

Discussion points

  • What are the most promising low carbon energy opportunities in Africa?
  • What other low carbon innovations are poised to increase climate resilience?
  • How will multilateral funders work together to facilitate climate investment?

Register Now  for the Thursday 25th February, 14:00- 15:00 GMT webinar

Webinar-Market Opportunities for Sustainable Innovation in Africa