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AfricaRice and CIDA MSc Scholarship: Rice post-harvest processing and value addition

BackgroundThe Canadian International Development Agency  (CIDA) made a contribution to the Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice) to implement a 5-year project, which aims to increase food security and improve the local livelihoods of rice producers and entrepreneurs in West and Eastern Africa by enhancing harvest and post-harvest rice processing technologies, increasing the quality and marketability of local rice and rice-based products.As part of its human capacity building component, the project is offering one MSc scholarship tenable at the McGill University, Canada from 2013.Areas of researchThe graduate students will work on the following 2 areas
  1. utilization of rice husk for biofuels and bio-products - involving pelleting, briquetting and thermochemical conversion of rice husk and by-products;  and
  2. post-harvest processing and value addition of rice - involving design of appropriate stove and cauldron for parboiling, energy efficiency during parboiling and drying, rice quality, as well as nutrition and health (starch digestibility, etc.).
QualificationCandidates must satisfy the McGill University’s admission requirements. An ideal candidate should have a good background in engineering (chemical, agricultural or mechanical) and food science (biochemistry or food chemistry along with nutrition). The area that the selected students will work on will depend on their backgrounds.Eligible countriesCandidates from Cameroon, The Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Uganda will be given preference, although candidates from other AfricaRice member countries will also be considered.Contact addressPlease send your application, including:
  1. Cover letter
  2. CV
  3. Degrees and certificates
  4. Research proposal
  5. Endorsement from the head of institute
To : Myra Wopereis-Pura (AfricaRice) <> or click here to apply.Closing date : 30 June 2013
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