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Ann Stroud Memorial Scholarship for postgraduate students

The Ann Stroud Memorial Scholarship was established to support young African researchers in stepping beyond disciplinary boundaries or professional standards that limit the ability of research to serve rural African communities. This scholarship is for postgraduate students wishing to conduct their thesis research in collaboration with World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) scientists. The scholarship is tenable at any university in Eastern Africa (countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, and Rwanda). The upper limit for the support is USD 5,000 to cover field research and thesis production. Eligibility
  • Be a national of Eastern Africa involved in agroforestry research, education or development.
  • Candidates must be 35 years of age or less.
  • Be registered for a postgraduate degree at a recognized university (evidence required).
  • Have completed or be close to completing coursework for the graduate degree for which s/he is registered.
  • It is assumed that candidates will have other grants to meet their tuition and other expenses related to the studies.
  • The grant will be used to cover expenses arising from field research (including travel), laboratory analysis and thesis production.
  • The thesis research will be jointly supervised by the university where the applicant is registered and ICRAF. Each institution will appoint a suitable senior scientist as supervisor.
  • Supervisors will receive a travel grant (where justified) to meet once. The travel grant shall not exceed USD 1,500. This shall be additional to the USD 5,000 given to the student.
  • Applicants will strictly abide by World Agroforestry Centre Policy Guidelines on Research Ethics.
Selection process All applications should be sent to the address below. The selection process involves announcements, proposal review, and selection of grantees by a small panel of World Agroforestry Centre senior staff. Requirements
  1. Filled in an application form.
  2. A letter of recommendation from employer/ institution.
  3. A three-page concept note (relevant to the proposal guidelines criteria identified below).
  4. Certified copies of certificates
  5. Up-to-date CV
  6. Two recent passport size photographs
  7. Evidence of registration for a Masters Degree course
Proposal guidelines criteria
  • Research derives from the expressed needs of poor farmers and resource users and in turn empowers them to make the decisions that matter to them.
  • It should aim to achieve "triple wins" to livelihoods, equity, and the environment.
  • Projects seek to enhance synergies between two or more disciplines (preferably linking the social and biophysical sciences), levels of analysis and intervention (from community level upwards), or strategies (technological, policy, social and/or market innovations).
  • Work challenges the status quo in thinking, policy and/or practice.
  • Projects incorporate action research and/or seek to address problems in innovative ways.
Download the application form for Ann Stroud Scholarship. Click here to read about recipients of the Ann Stroud Memorial Scholarship.