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Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) - capacity enhancement support program 2016

The GBIF Secretariat is now accepting proposals for funding under the 2016 Capacity Enhancement Support Programme, which seeks to enhance the long-term capacity of GBIF Participants through collaborative projects.


Applicants must submit concept notes by 11 April 2016 for the first stage of the programme’s two-stage selection process. A panel will assess concept notes and invite selected applicants to present full proposals by 20 May 2016. Concept notes must use the template provided and include information on co-funding.


Proposals for one-year projects starting on 16 June 2016 can receive a maximum of €15,000 for mentoring activities, regional training support, GBIF advocacy actions, documentation and capacity needs assessments. Applicants are encouraged to explore earlier projects for inspiration.

Mentoring activities: Interactions among two or more Participants where the core objective is the transfer of information, technology, experience and best practices in small groups. Maximum funding: €15,000 per project.

Regional training support: Courses and workshops with a regional (multinational) component. These actions can only support the regional component of a training event or initiative (e.g., the costs associated with the participation of representatives from other GBIF Participants in a proposed training event). Maximum funding: €10,000 per project.

GBIF advocacy actions: Active participation in strategic events to promote GBIF, with the objective of increasing the GBIF membership and/or its relevance among a community not sufficiently exposed to GBIF that can help to advance GBIF's mission. Maximum funding: €4,000 per project.

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Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) - capacity enhancement support program 2016