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Longterm consultant service : Youth and Agri-business Specialist

The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) is an umbrella organization bringing together and forming coalitions of major stakeholders in agricultural research and development in Africa. FARA complements the innovative activities of national, international and sub-regional research institutions to deliver more responsive and effective services to its stakeholders. It plays advocacy and coordination roles for agricultural research for development, while the national agricultural research systems (NARS), advanced research institutions (ARIs) and international agricultural research centres (IARCs) develop and promote the adoption of improved technologies and policies along the research-to-development continuum in their respective countries and jurisdictions. Since it was established in 2002 FARA has been able to develop several African-wide initiatives through consultation with stakeholders. FARA is seeking to engage a Youth and Agribusiness long term Consultant to work closely with its core programmes in implementing its recast Medium Term Operation Plan (MTOP2R)

Objectives of the assignment: 

To develop and implement an agribusiness and youth strategy that will guide the inclusion and mainstreaming of youth and a business orientation in African agricultural research and development.

Scope of work

Reporting to the Director, Research and Innovation, the successful candidate shall perform interalia the following key duties but not limited to:

  1. Develop strategy on FARA’s engagement in Africa’s youth and agribusiness agenda
  2. Strengthen FARA’s engagement with private sector partners
  3. Coordinate activities of the African Chapter of the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD)
  4. Lead the engagement and development of initiatives and proposals on youth in agricultural research and agribusiness innovation
  5. Support the integration and mainstreaming of youth in FARA’s core programs
  6. Serve as FARA’s liaison person in CAADP’s technical network on Agro-industry
  7. Coordinates the development and implementation of structured business models for mobilizing agribusiness to drive the scaling up of Agricultural technologies and the outputs of FARA.
  8. Performs any other duties as will be assigned by the Director, Research and Innovation and FARA Management.


  1. A strategy and implementation plan on FARA’s engagement in Africa’s youth and agribusiness agenda
  2. At least three proposals for continental initiatives on harnessing agribusiness and innovation to create jobs for the youth
  3. Business models for mobilizing agribusiness to drive scaling up of agricultural technologies in Africa
  4. Increased engagement of private sector actors and the youth in FARA’s programmes (indicators to be developed)
  5. An information portal on youth taking advantage of innovation to drive agribusiness in Africa

Duration of the assignment: 

The duration of this assignment will be for one year with an option to renew based on performance. Compensation is on lump sum basis.

Location of the assignment:

The individual shall be based and deliver assignments at the FARA Secretariat in Accra, Ghana.

Performance Criteria: 

The Individual is expected to undertake the services with the highest standards of professional and ethical competence and integrity. The individual should be able to deliver the listed assignments and all others to be assigned in a most effective and efficient manner, within the agreed time frame


The Individual shall report to the Director, Research and Innovation

Facilities to be provided by FARA

FARA will provide information on the following:

  • Relevant documents
  • Equipment and tools
  • Database of stakeholders

Qualification and expirience

At least a Master’s degree in economics, agribusiness and development studies or allied social science discipline. Certificate, training and experience in Youth and agribusiness in Agricultural Development will be an added advantage. The candidate must:

  • Have experience in implementing programmes on youth empowerment through agricultural development
  • Have experience in agribusiness development and technology commercialization
  • Be well networked among professionals and leading institutions in the domain of agribusiness development and youth empowerment in Africa
  • Have experience in strategy development
  • Be able to develop programmes and other interventions for FARA and partners on gender, youth and agribusiness
  • Ability to communicate in French is desirable.
  • Have knowledge of African and global agriculture and Agribusiness issues.

FARA now invites eligible individual consultants to indicate their interests in providing the services. The applicants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, curriculum vitae, certificates indicated on the CV, etc.). The consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Selection and Employment of Consultants by the World Bank Borrowers, January 2011 revised July 2014. Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 0900 to 1600 hours.

Expressions of interest must be delivered by e-mail to the address below by February 8th, 2017.

Dr Yemi Akinbamijo Executive Director, Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) PMB CT 173 Cantonments, 12 Anmeda Street Roman Ridge, Accra-Ghana. Email:

Consultants are advised to quote the Assignment Title & Reference Number in the application.

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