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Rhize emerging catalysts network application for young people!

If you’re a young person (15-30 years old) working to solve big challenges— poverty, hunger, climate change, unemployment, civil and human rights, threats to democracy— Rhize is looking for you to join the Emerging Catalyst network!

Rhize is a global platform that supports catalytic leaders in their work to create transformative, systemic change in their communities and the world. As part of this flagship project, it is changing the way the youth development sector understands how to support, foster, fund and recognize youth leadership.

To do this, it is looking for 100 exceptional youth leaders who are challenging existing norms, bringing new vision for a better world to their work, life and community. These exceptional young people will represent their peers and contribute to widely publicized strategy recommendations aimed at developing a revolutionary, participatory approach to international development work.


As a member of the network you will:

  • Get recognized by high level leaders and organizations, high level donors and other practitioners as an exemplar of 21st century global leadership
  • Meet other exceptional leaders, exchange best practices, collaborate, and gain access to a broader range of resources in Rhize’s global network
  • Contribute to recommendations for improving youth engagement in international development and influence major funders and experts
  • Have the opportunity to advise Rhize on a widely disseminated Emerging Catalysts report and recommendations for a radically inclusive approach to international development, youth involvement, and the way forward.

For those who are excited about a deeper level of commitment, you will have the opportunity to join a Youth Advisory Team and advise key players in the youth development sector on a more strategic, system-based and empowering approach to fostering the next generation of global leaders tackling global poverty and inequity. These recommendations become actionable strategies -- new programs and expanded approaches for change.

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Rhize emerging catalysts network application for young people