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Green jobs in rural areas: How to prepare African rural youth

This webinar’s objectives are to:

Present perspectives on the potential for green jobs along Africa’s industrialisation pathway and implications for boosting rural economies along value chains in key sectors such as agriculture,  energy, extractives, manufacturing etc.


Reflect on the concept of green jobs and how to provide adequate skills development and work opportunities to rural youth


Reflect on levers and enabling environment to increase creation and sustainability of green jobs as integral to rural socio-economic development

Moderator: Zofia Mroczek, Decent rural employment and child labour consultant, FAO

Speaker’s points

UNECA/UNEP (TBC): Perspectives on the potential for green jobs in Africa’s industrialisation drive; implications for decent employment for rural and peri-urban areas; necessary conditions for creation and sustainability of green jobs as integral to rural socio-economic development.


ILO: Perspectives on the basic concepts of green jobs, the prominent sectors (with agriculture in focus, and covering energy, construction, waste management), and the implications for rural youth in Africa.


FAO: Presentation will provide examples of green jobs in the agricultural sectors and rural areas for rural youth, and some of the specific traits of rurality that policy stakeholders would have to consider in order to provide skills development and other support, in order to take the advantage of the youth employment opportunities that green jobs can bring.


NEPAD Agency: As Respondent

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