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International seminar on “Global change and Pakistan perspective”

Climate change is going to be the most threatening issue for life on earth and for natural resources during 21st century. The drivers for climatic change are increased concentration of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4 and N2O), population and deforestation. Greenhouse gases are trapping heat energy by radiative forcing and making earth warmer.
The warmer earth would damage natural resources, energy resources and agriculture. This seminar will be a collaborative effort of international scientific community to create awareness among masses about the most devastating issues emerging as a consequence of changing climate and its impact on aquatic and terrestrial life.
It will help the indigenous scientists to become conversant with the novel techniques (Crop Models, Remote Sensing, Earth observation and General Circulation Models GCM’s) to combat with changing climate for sustainable natural systems and livelihood. 
Development of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies is a big challenge for all scientists working on sustainable development of planet earth. Food security and natural resources would be at stake without devising proper strategies to fight hunger. The participants and their knowledge will be helpful to develop climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.
This effort will also enable the use of different IT techniques adopted by national and international scientific community to overcome climate change catastrophe.

Objectives of the Seminar

The objectives of the seminar are as follows 
  • To create awareness about climate change, its impacts on natural resources, agriculture and food security
  • To elaborate novel techniques to overcome water and energy crises due to climate change
  • To reduce the vulnerability of the ecosystem 
  • To develop mitigation and adaptation strategies for changing climate to ensure food security and conserve natural resources
  • To devise a framework for agricultural information system
  • To enhance networking among various stakeholders from academia, industry and farming community.


  • Climate change; mitigation and adaptation strategies for managing extreme Met. Events 
  • Water resources, floods, droughts: issues, challenges and opportunities 
  • Energy crises and their solutions through renewable and alternate energy resources 
  • Use of Information technology for climate change impact assessment and disaster mitigation
  • Carbon Sequestration by forestry (REDD+)
  • Role of policy makers, social scientists, NGO’s and other stake holders in developing mitigation and adaptations to reduce climate change vulnerabilities

Important Timeline:

♣ Seminar Date: September 16, 2014
♣ Venue: New Senate Hall, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan
♣ Last date of Registration: September 12, 2014.
♣ Certificates will be given to all participants.
To express your interest in attending the Seminar, please send an email with your name, organization, and description of interest to or contact Dr. Fahd Rasul (Organizing Secretary) Cell No: +92-322-7881778 / Tel & Fax : +92-41-2649493.
Chief Organizer:
Head Climate Change Research Group, Department of Agronomy
Director External Linkages
University of Agriculture Faisalabad. 38040, Pakistan
Cell No: +92-300-7204372
Tel & Fax: +92-41-2649493
International seminar on “Global change and Pakistan perspective”