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From Learning to Adaptation: Working With Rural Youth in Microenterprise Development

FHI  360 invites you to join them for a knowledge-sharing event so as to discuss the findings of the recent learning exercise conducted by FHI 360 in collaboration with Village Enterprise. The exercise, which was conducted as part of the Uganda Community Connector Project’s Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation (CLA) mandate, focused on understanding the needs, barriers and constraints of rural youth in starting small businesses. We will highlight how Village Enterprise’s existing microenterprise model can be adapted to address these key findings, and will discuss the program’s early results and challenges.

FHI 360 will introduce the context of the assessment carried out for the USAID-funded Uganda Community Connector (CC) project, and Winnie Auma, Village Enterprise’s Uganda Country Director, will share insights on our microenterprise development work with youth rural living in extreme poverty as implementing partner of the CC project.

The study was funded through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)/Uganda Community Connector Project, a Feed the Future flagship program, which provides a comprehensive and multi-sectoral approach to poverty, food insecurity and under-nutrition.

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