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National Water Policy Summit 2014 - Australia

The National Policy Summit will focus on setting the priorities to shape an ‘industry-led’ water strategy to drive Australia’s future prosperity. Water needs to be repositioned in our national debate, as a major economic driver for Australia’s future, and industry now needs to take a strong lead in that process. 

The Summit will include some of Australia’s most influential and engaging industry leaders from the water, resources and agribusiness sectors whose future prospects remain dependent on the sustainable management of water. 

To determine the priorities for a national water strategy the Summit will consider the following challenges and preferred solutions to:

  • Climate variability and how governments and industry need a new approach to planning
  • Reforming how the water sector is regulated and structured
  • Private sector participation in the management of our rural and urban water assets to expand our productive industries
  • Adjusting community perceptions and values of water


Ann Burns, Growth & Strategy Lead for Asia Pacific, Accenture

Karlene Maywald, Chair, National Water Commission


Matthew Williams, Partner Risk Services, Deloitte

Nicholas Gruen, CEO, Lateral Economics

Tony Kelly, Previous Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water

Francois Gouws, Managing Director, Trility

Thibaut de Crisnay, Managing Director, Veolia Water Technologies Australia

Kim Morison, Managing Director, Blue Sky Water Partners

Gerry Lawson, Chairman, SunRice

Mike Harold, Principal Advisor – Water Policy, Rio Tinto

National Water Policy Summit 2014