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World Food Day Tweet Chat:Ensuring Zero Hunger Through Youth In Agribusiness

OBJECTIVES:Population growth is on the rise and our current agricultural production is being threatened by climate change and other factors such as post-harvest losses, food wastage and availability of arable lands. To alleviate global hunger, the world’s active population (youth) must integrate innovation into the agricultural sector to ensure food security. Thus the tweet chat seeks to source innovations, ideas, projects and activities that engages youth in agribusiness and how they influence global food security. THEMATIC AREAS:
  1. Zero Hunger; Achievable or Not.
  2. The Role of Youth in Achieving Zero Hunger
  3. What is Agribusiness and How Does it Alleviate Global Hunger
  4. Challenges Faced by Youth in Agribusiness
  5. Current Innovations in Agribusiness
  6. How to Engage Youth in Agribusiness
#10 minutes eachEXPECTED OUTCOMES:It is expected that youth involved in agribusiness will share their activities, impact, strategies and challenges through the tweet chat and attract more youth into the field. Facilitators (experts in the field of agribusiness) will also assist in answering questions and addressing challenges that are faced by youth in agribusiness. The entire chat will be organized using Storify and published on several environmental platforms.