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Tired of forgetting your password? Use Social Media Login on!

Belonging to a community is great; we all love social movements, especially online networks and connecting with peers all around the world! The pain is – yes, there is one - to remember all your passwords!

There are two possible scenarios:

  • You are still to join YPARD as a new user? Then, register by using the social media icon, on the top bar of YPARD website

login through social media

  • You are already a YPARD user. In this case, follow these 3 very simple steps to set your SocialMedia Login. Once you have done this, you will be logged in automatically next time you visit YPARD website. That’s as easy as that!

1/ login on YPARD by inserting your user name and password

login to see your social identity

2/ in your profile page, click on a new tab called “My social identities”

3/ associate your Facebook or Twitter profile with your YPARD account: simply click on the icone of your choice (facebook or twitter) – it will be then activated!

add more social identities

Note: If  you get an error by hitting directly the Social Media icons on the YPARD home page, it is because the email that you’re using on fb matches an email of an already registered user on YPARD. If so, go first on YPARD profile and follow the process described above.

Enjoy your password-free online experience – post items and comments, check members’ profiles, contact them through the contact form, and more!  – we are looking forward to getting more contributions from you on!

For any question, contact info[@]