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Opportunity: 5 YPARD members to attend GFAR’s social media training for GCARD3!

Jieiying Bi at GCARD2 Long gone are the days where social media was considered merely as "just fun for the kids". Social media is now an essential part of communications. It is now central to expand outreach and stimulate dialogues and collective actions among professionals in agricultural development. Still, the diversity of tools and the intrinsic of how to use them effectively are overwhelming.

Sharpen your social media skills at the GFAR’s hands-on social media training!

GFAR is organizing a social media training linked to a regional conference (learn more about the GCARD3 regional consultation), on 7 - 9 December 2015 (Asia Pacific) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The trainings consist of two parts:

  • Classroom training of one or two days (dependent on the location) which gives an overview of all social media tools, their use for nonprofit causes, and how to put all these into one strategy, as used in a professional environment. You will then drill in-depth into two key tools: Twitter and blogging, and their “how to”.
  • Practical training: The trainees will use their social media skill to report live from the regional conferences. During this social reporting exercise, the social media trainer will intensively mentor the trainees.

Learn more about the details of the training in the general call for application for the GFAR’s social media training on GFAR website.

GFAR’s sponsorship available for 5 YPARD members!

The GFAR will sponsor five selected YPARD members. (you save US$1500, which includes travel, accommodation, the cost for the venue, facilitation, external experts, all meals and additional required expenses).

Who can apply?

  • You are less than 39year old
  • You are active in the agricultural development sector (as a student or young professional, as a practitioner, in policy, research,.. in crops, forests, natural resource management, livestock, etc..)
  • You will be able to engage in the content of the regional consultations per se (you’ll show a clear understanding of the consultations)
  • You show a strong flair for social media and social reporting practices
  • You are from Asia/Pacific

Participants who will show the most active and relevant contribution will have the chance to be pre-selected for participation in the GCARD3 global event in South Africa in April 2016.

How do I apply for sponsorship?

Send a 5line bio, a CV, a letter of motivation (not more than 1 page each) and an ID photograph at: with subject line: [GFAR Training for GCARD3]. Your letter should tell us more about your relevant background and how you think you would benefit from this key opportunity to strengthen your current and future projects. Deadline: November 15

You may like have a look at the tips we put together for you on How to apply for an opportunity—successfully!

Read the general call for application for the GFAR’s social media training on GFAR website.

Picture credit: GCARD Conferences. Jieying Bi during GCARD2, in 2012. Bi has become YPARD China representative since then and she is now YPARD Asia coordinator.