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Youth and green land


I can remember how hard it was for me to acknowledge the fact that I am an agricultural student during my first three years as an undergraduate in the university, not until my part four that I saw the untapped treasure in agriculture and had an unquenched drive to pursue my career in agriculture.

I have had of many youth wanting to move to the urban to work in other sector than agriculture. Young and vibrant youth of my wonderful generation are not willing nor interested in farming be it small, medium or large scale, or anything related to it, forgetting that we all must feed to survive.

My sincere question is; if we all leave the agricultural sector, who will feed the coming generation? Although truthfully speaking, farming is not an easy task to embark upon, but it’s profitable and rewarding. The youth are the leaders of tomorrow, not only in the political, social and other sectors of the economy but also leaders in the agricultural sector.

If only youth of my generation will be well equip with information and prospects in agriculture, just as Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) is helping, I can say that many youth will not need much effort and push from teachers and government into agriculture. A country without interested youth in agriculture will have a failed economy in the long run. THE END.

I am a student in the university,

Studying in a Nigeria

I am Nigerian.

I have a strong flair for social media, and this is as a result of the great benefit associated with social media. Many businesses have grown well because of the ability to reach many viewers at the same time and at a reduced cost. My flair for social media increased knowing that I don’t have to go and buy dailies (Newspapers) I just get in on my mobile phone. Information passed on social media is faster than passing that information on television. It bridges gap between distance relatives or friends.

my visions

Knowing that I will be going into full scale agriculture, so coming or attending the GCARD3 global event will increase my scope of understanding and knowledge in the prospect I have in agriculture, I have visions to see youth of my generation involve in agriculture. And assist them in whatever possible way I can, also encouraging them into going into agriculture.

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