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#AgricMatters: Talking About Agriculture in the Digital World

Olumide Idowu and the power of social mediAccording to Animal Agriculture Alliance, Social media is all about people. It is a way to build relationships, share information, and connect with diverse audience of people you may never meet in real life.

So, interacting on social media, whether it is Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, allows you to develop a community and share your story in a way that was never possible before now.

As new technological advances become more ingrained into society, industries are continually challenged. However, there’s still hope for agriculture to thrive even in this digital age.

Nigeria is setting a paradoxical investment of large arable land, but gross inadequate food resulting in huge foreign exchange on food importation is a serious challenge. How can she address this? IFAD

Agriculture in Nigeria is at the level of subsistence; small farmers or what most people often describe as peasant farmers cultivating very small areas of land, and that may be because the system of agriculture is not very productive.

The general public still has faith in farmers and ranchers, but some are still wary of modern farm practices. It is important that agriculture unites and it has a chance to tell its side of the story. Social media is one way to make your voice heard.

Social media tool has been a channel to tell the story of Agriculture in an innovative way and with this help a lot of people get connect and use it to business in different ways. These include, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

We have different organization using social media as a tool and it has really helped them to reach certain number of people around the world, to build knowledge and education for sustainable good. This individual leverage on the power of digital age and using them to send across great message with and around the world

The media coverage of “pink slime” has made clear the growing focus on the farm-to-table movement, giving those in agribusiness yet another reason to turn to social media. Ecotrust’s desire to connect professional buyers and sellers is what sparked the creation of their popular social networking platform FoodHub.

Joining these Twitter chats provides participants great insight into the industry, and also gives farmers a chance to prove their thought leadership in a public forum. One way the AgChat Foundation is working to get people talking and building outreach is through weekly #AgChats on Twitter. These chats have seen more than 2,000 participants from seven countries and four continents. #AgChat is moderated by a different agricultural professional each week.

One Straw Farm, has taken to Kickstarter as a way to harness digital influence and online fundraising for the development of two mobile apps. The first app would provide a way for farmers to communicate with consumers on a weekly basis throughout the harvest season, while the second app would assist farmers with keeping records.

With Facebook you can post from farm, share agricultural messages, share farm facts on your page. Post videos of your operation, a note about activity on your farm or a tour barn. Advertise agri-tourism events.

Twitter is a popular option that allows you to “tweet” 140 character updates and connect with people from around the world. You can share links, pictures or increase their reach, and send a direct message is another way to share your thoughts. It allows you to connect with people who you have never met but share like-minded interests.

LinkedIn is geared toward the professional community. It allows you to network with work colleagues and is a powerful for brand. It can also help you to keep up with industry news around Agriculture.

Pinterest is currently the fastest growing social media platform. It is an online pinboard where users share pictures, interest and hobbies. It’s a geared tool to share picture from farm and produce your favorite’s agriculture fact. Pinterest focus on visual sharing.

In the world of digital age, agriculture will be the message for everyone and with the help of social media, we can get more innovative. The passion for agriculture will embedded in both young and old as many are now spending much time on social media platform.

The major benefit derived from using social media is exposure to the latest skills and knowledge and also proffered to encourage effective use of social media for networking and communication of research results among agricultural scientists.

I conclude by saying The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life. Arthur Keith

Olumide IDOWU is the Campaign Specialist of Climate Wednesday. He reports on global issues and development in Nigeria (Africa) and also a Social Media Experts. A tech savvy Journalist keen about using the new media as a tool to disseminate information, collaborate and stir up progressive interaction. He hails from Nigeria and work from Nigeria.

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