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YPARD Kenya works with young people to explore innovations that can improve agricultural production. Main objectives are:

  • Creation of Employment for Livelihoods

  • Food security in the country

Most of our members range between 15 – 35 years making our team very vibrant and actively engaged.

According to the Africa Youth Report, over 40 percent of Africa’s population is less than 15 years, and that by 2030, about a quarter of the world’s youthful population will be found in Africa. The ‘youth bulge’ presents both challenges and opportunities. The most significant economic and social challenge is youth unemployment.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO, 2012), 3 out of 5 unemployed people in Africa are young people. Today, unemployment in Kenya stands at 40%, and 70% of those unemployed are between the ages of 15 and 35. The World Bank estimates that approximately 800,000 Kenyans join the labor market each year, and only 50,000 succeed in getting professional jobs. According to the Kenya Household Integrated Budget Survey (KIHBS) of 2005/06, unemployment stood at 25% for the age group 15-19, at 24.2% for 20–24-year-olds, 15.7% for those aged 25-29 and 7.5% for the age group 30-34. Unemployment particularly among the youth has been termed ‘a disaster’ (BBC, 2012) and a ‘security threat to the social, economic and political stability of nations’ (ADB, 2012).

In Kenya, more young people are venturing into commercial agriculture as a means of employment giving tangible solution to the ever increasing rates of formal employment in white collar sectors. YPARD Kenya is proud to be part of other organizations involving young people to create employment and provide livelihoods to many youths. Working with the Government of Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries Policy on Agriculture, YPARD Kenya strives to bring more youths on boarding the agriculture for livelihoods ship, to not only create jobs but also solve food insecurity.

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