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Online course: Innovative Collaboration for Development

Jointly developed by UNITAR and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), with the support of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)Innovative Collaboration for Development (ICfD) is an interactive tutor-facilitated e-learning course on social media tools. The primary courseware is based on the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) - "Web 2.0 and Social Media for Development".

The overall objective of the course is to empower development professionals to recognize the potential of social media and to make innovative use of these tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Participants will be able to recognize the role of social media in changing the way that information is created, organized, shared and accessed. They will have opportunities to use some popular social media tools, analyze their utility, identify their adaptability to specific contexts at the workplace and compare the utility of various applications after analyzing the context of usage. Participants will also be able to recognize the importance of issues such as security, privacy, and intellectual property rights while using social media applications.

2015 Sessions

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The course is composed of six modules that present social media concepts and tools. Materials are divided into three learning elements. The primary courseware introduces participants to social media concepts and tools while secondary and tertiary courseware guide participants to practically work through a series of tasks. These hands-on tasks, which allow participants to explore content through various media such as interactive lessons, thought-provoking videos and tutorials for applications are the key elements of the course. Participants are required to utilize social media tools in a context that simulates their work environment. The course has a strong collaborative nature, including activities such as peer-reviews and discussion groups to facilitate learning. An online tutor guides participants through their learning experience, including facilitating collaborative work and knowledge exchange throughout the course.

Quality Label

The ICfD course has been awarded the 2011 international Open ECBCheck Standards.

ECTS Accreditation

ICfD is an accredited course at the University of Eastern Finland. After successful completion of activities, 5 ECTS*are awarded to candidates of the International Master Programme in Information Technology and the International Multidisciplinary PhD Studies in Educational Technology & Learning Environments (IMPDET-LE).

*European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

Duration and Workload

The course offers high degree of flexibility to participants. It is designed to be self-paced, offering participants the opportunity of planning their learning experience and their own progress, while adhering to the requirements of a time bound course.

The Innovative Collaboration for Development course comprises of six modules spread over 9 weeks, for a total of about 75 learning hours, covering social media tools, social networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Technical requirements

As this course is a highly practical hands-on experience, it will require a reliable internet connection throughout its duration. Access to internet is an essential condition for participation. See full list of requirements.

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