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Join webinars to build fundraising, communication, social media skills for agriculture


Do you:

  • Have great ideas for agricultural initiatives or projects but limited funds to make them happen?

  • Want to learn how social media can help you build, excite and mobilise a team?

  • Feel like you could make more creative presentations?

  • Be more effective and strategic in gaining media coverage?

  • Want to share experiences and stories with other YPARD members?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you should join YPARD’s interactive webinar series!

Open to all YPARD members, this webinar series aims to address pressing soft skill gaps in agriculture and has been developed in collaboration with YPARD country representatives and partners.

Webinars will be interactive - so join live to ask questions. We’ll also be recording webinars to the YPARD YouTube channel so you can watch them later.

Click on the links below to sign up (some of these links will be available in the coming weeks only)!

More topics will be announced in 2016 - add your suggestions for future webinar topics by commenting on this page.

YPARD members are also developing a pilot course on “farming as a business” which we hope to launch by late 2015. Check our website for updates

Date and time

Topic of webinar

30 September

9:00am Lagos / 10:00am CET / 1:45pm Kathmandu

Crowdfunding for social impact in agriculture

Covering the key steps in developing a successful crowdfunding campaign.

[Now closed]

More information and resources on Stephanie Arrowsmith's blog post.

Delivered by


28 October

4pm Lagos / 4pm CET / 8.45pm Kathmandu

How to make creative presentations

Covering pitching an idea and creating powerful visuals to support the messaging. [Now closed] Watch the recorded webinar.

Delivered by Champions

4 November

10:00am Lagos / 10:00am CET / 2.45pm Kathmandu

Principles of fundraising

How to find funding opportunities, application tips, how to write a budget/business plan, following up on an application. [Now closed]

Watch the recorded webinar and find More information on this blog post.


Delivered by

18 November

1pm CET, Lagos /5.45pm Kathmandu

Using social media to mobilise a team

How to use the power of social media to build a team, excite them to contribute and mobilise around an issue, and promote agriculture on a wider scale. [Now Closed]


Watch the recorded webinar and carry on the discussions on Peter Casier's blog post .


Delivered by Peter Casier, Freelance Social Media agitator

Postponed to 2016

2pm Lagos / 2pm CET / 6.45pm Kathmandu

How to liaise with traditional media

The golden rules of pitching to print, radio and TV media.

Delivered by

Picture credit: CAFNR