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YPARD Kenya Mentorship programme to graduate 15 mentees

In June 2015, YPARD launched a 12-month pilot mentoring program in Kenya. 15 YPARD Kenya members – farmers, students, entrepreneurs, young scientists and extension workers from across Kenya – have been paired with mentors based on their sectors and skill sets.

Mentors and mentees first met during a three-day orientation workshop led by African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) to consolidate the relationship and understanding in the mentor-mentee pairs, equipping them with communication, conflict resolution, networking and gender in the workplace skills. With support from their mentors, mentees developed a purpose road map and development journal, clearly outlining their 10 year visions/goals and the technical skills, interpersonal skills, academic/professional qualifications, behaviour change and action needed at each step of the way to reach their long term goal. 

mentors and mentees meet during their final 2016 retreatEach mentee have been meeting with their mentors for at least two hours per month (over the phone, Skype or face to face).

The mentees and mentors are currently on a exchange learning trip and retreat in Naivasha as they await the graduation at Desmond Tutu Centre in Nairobi tomorrow. The mentorship programme in Kenya coordinated and led by YPARD Kenya coordinator ,Mr. Emmanuel Ngore is a practical agricultural apprenticeship training that could be borrowed to encourage more youth and women in agribusiness and sustainable development.

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