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Temporary Roster for Scientific profiles






Title :Temporary Roster for Scientific profiles
Description :Please be advised that Bioversity International will only contact those applicants to whom it may be able to offer a temporary position. The applications will be retained by the Organization for a maximum of 12 months.
Process Status: 
Position Description: 
Job Description:Bioversity’s mode of operation is highly unusual in international research and development. Bioversity does not have its own research facilities but operates primarily as a catalyst and facilitator, contracting most of its research to partner institutions. This has a critical implication for the function and role of the Scientist staff group, whose mode of operation mirrors the Organization’s.
Minimum Qualification & Experience: 
Skills & abilities:Bioversity's Scientists require knowledge and ability in key areas of their discipline(s), with the predominant emphasis on either biological/agricultural or information science. This knowledge is originally derived from academic training and practice, typically to PhD or other higher degree level, and extended through subsequent professional experience.
Personal Qualities: 
Terms & Conditions:Bioversity International employs temporary staff, particularly in administrative and support positions, to assist with specific tasks for periods ranging from a few days up to a maximum of 11 months.
Applications:If you are interested in having your CV in Bioversity's Temporary Roster for Scientific profiles, please apply here.


Temporary Roster for Scientific profiles