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Newsletter March to May

Winners of 2019 MAIZE Youth Innovators Awards – Africa announced

The CGIAR Research Program on Maize (MAIZE) officially announced the four winners of the 2019 MAIZE Youth Innovators Awards – Africa at an awards ceremony held on May 9, 2019, in Lusaka, Zambia. These awards recognize the contributions of young women and men under 35 to innovation in African maize-based agri-food systems, including research for development, seed systems, agribusiness, and sustainable intensification.

Welcoming the new YPARD France communications focal point: Isaline Réguer

Meet Isaline a Master’s in Agronomy student in Bordeaux Sciences Agro, in France with a specialization in Territorial Economy and Agricultural Development. Her goal is to work with a holistic approach to enhance and strengthen agricultural practices and policies for the good of the environment and for human well-being.

Welcoming YPARD Sri Lanka country representative: Sajith Harshana

Meet Pilana a lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture at University of Ruhuna Sri Lanka. He is a graduate with a Bachelors in agribusiness management (honours) with a specialization in agricultural economics from the same university.


Lesson learned from two days’ workshop

YPARD Nepal member, Dikshya Shilpakar shares his learnings after attending the training program on excel, spss, design expert and endnote, organized by Nepal Food Technology Students Association (NEFTSA).

Becoming a source of information for young Serbian farmers!

At the beginning of March 2019, YPARD Serbia with the support from YPARD Europe launched a new web site “ Mladi u agraru /Youth in agriculture” with the aim of providing information on young farmers in Serbia, challenges they face, news about young farmers in the country, subsidies, stories about their production, how they face climate change, growing organic food, ecology. Discover more on these stories.

YPARD Peru starts the second Ruralist Youth School

YPARD Peru recently announced the chapter second Ruralist Youth School an initiative that aims at inspiring young people, especially women, to take part in agrarian development. Among the participants include: 26 students between the age of 18 and 29; a proportion of 85% women’s coming from four Peruvian regions (Lima, Cusco, Apurímac and Junín) and seven universities - four public and three private institutions.

YPARD Albania at the 2019 Global G.A.P. Tour

The 2019 Global G.A.P. Tour Albania edition took part on16th of March at the premises of Expocity Albania. This event organized by RISI Albania (partner for growth) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development aimed at discussing ways of increasing the competitiveness of Albanian agricultural products in the international markets.

Building alumni centers connecting students and the professional sector

This blog piece highlights the achievements of the Project SIMPLE at the University of Battambang (UBB), Cambodia through an interview between the YPARD Europe coordinator and Koemseang Nhuong,  General Coordinator and Lecturer at the Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing of the University of Battambang (UBB), Cambodia. Koemseang is a member of the SIMPLE project management team of the alumni center which is responsible for building and facilitating networking between students and the professional sector for job and internship opportunities. Enjoy reading.

YPARD Serbia partnership with Youth for Impact

YPARD Serbia is dedicated to creating an environment where young people in agriculture can reach their full potential. On the other hand, the association Youth for Impact aims to create equal possibilities and contribute to improving the quality of life for young people in Serbia. With similarity in their area of focus, the two organizations have joined hands to work together to help young people, especially those who are interested in agriculture through access to resources, contacts and training for skills.

YPARD Peru: Workshop participation and collaboration

Natalia Lozano Broncales, YPARD Peru member, represented the chapter in the 5th to 9th March 2019 My Coop workshop organized by Direction of Cooperatives for the Ministry of Production ( PRODUCE ) of the Peruvian government. The workshop focused on farming management, empowering the representatives in order for them to make suitable decisions on how they market their products.

YPARD en el laboratorio nacional de activismo 2019

Del domingo 24 de febrero al viernes 01 de marzo del presente, asistimos junto a más de 100 jóvenes pertenecientes a otras organizaciones de diversas regiones del Perú al Laboratorio Nacional de Activismo 2019, el cual se realizó en la ciudad de Lima y fue organizado por Oxfam junto a otras ONGs locales como ADISAP, Foro Juvenil de Izquierda, Pazos: Arte para la educación y la Red Interquorum Lima.


Youth from everywhere to Bonn in 2018: #ThinkLandscape

The YPARD director took part in the 2018 GLF Bonn youth workshop and reports on its outcomes. The workshop focused among other things on deliberations about what constitutes landscape leadership, developing facilitation and public speaking skills and how to pitch an idea.

East African regional workshop on youth-led sustainable agriculture and urban food systems

Learn more about the Ugandan workshop on Youth-led Sustainable Agriculture for Urban Food Systems in East Africa. The five-day event enabled young progressive farmers from all over East Africa to learn and collaborate together to improve the food system situation in the region.

The young progressive farmers visit TAABU

YPARD Uganda member, Denis Okwir, shares his learnings from the 5-day workshop on Youth-led Sustainable Agriculture for Urban Food Systems in East Africa and in particular the participants visit TAABU Cooperative, a youth-friendly cooperative in Uganda.

Excelling in the world of agripreneurship

Defining one’s business can be a challenge particularly for young entrepreneurs. But knowing what and whom the business is centred on, including the target market could go a long way in charting a path for new agri-prenuers. Constantine Edward shares his learnings from the Youth-led Sustainable Agriculture for Urban Food Systems in East Africa workshop.

Young professionals empowered to transform Africa’s Agriculture

The West African chapters of YPARD have been actively engaged in training on Technologies for Africa Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) Capacity Development and Technology Outreach (CDTO) as spearheaded by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa ( FARA ). YPARD Africa coordinator explains in details the place of YPARD Africa within the TAAT activities.

Promoting inclusive Agri-preneurship Development for Youth in Africa

FARA has identified the need to develop inclusive agribusiness opportunity among young people and drive agri-preneurship through technology. This is in line with FARA’s commitment to coordinate and advocate for agricultural research-for-development within the context of Africa food security agenda. To scale-up its thematic focus, FARA partnered with YPARD Africa to host a Continental Youth Engagement Workshop at the FARA Secretariat in Accra, Ghana under the theme Strategic Engagement and Capacity Development of Youth in Agri-prenuership for Technology Adoption.

FARA: Leveraging technology for inclusive agripreneurship development in Africa

In the first week of May, 60 youths from across Africa gathered in Accra, Ghana for a 3-day youth in agricultural engagement workshop. The workshop dubbed, Strategic Engagements and Capacity Development of Youth in Agri-preneurship for Technology Adoption, aimed at leveraging shared experiences of youths to develop a framework for youth engagement with a focus on inclusive agripreneurship development. Learn more about the workshop proceedings.

FARA : Impliquer les jeunes dans l’adoption des technologies à travers l’entrepreneuriat agricole

A l’issu d’un concours d’essai en ligne, 60 jeunes provenant des différents pays francophones et anglophones d’Afrique ont été sélectionné pour participer à l’atelier continental de mobilisation des jeunes : mobilisation des jeunes et renforcement de leurs capacités dans le domaine de l’entrepreneuriat agricole pour l’adoption des technologies du 02 au 04 mai 2019, au siège du FARA à Accra, la capitale du Ghana.

FARA hosts African youth in agriculture

A snapshot of the FARA/YPARD Africa youth workshop where participants explored the diverse youth engagement initiatives in the various countries, brainstormed on ideas for a continental Youth Engagement Strategy, drafted cases of experience capitalization, that will feed into the TAAT value chains, Innovation Platforms and Knowledge Management among others.


Motivating and Attracting Youth in Agriculture (MAYA)

YPARD India in collaboration with APAARI, TAAS and several other organizations from Asia-Pacific Region organized the Regional Workshop on Motivating and Attracting Youth in Agriculture (MAYA). Discover the proceedings and the recommendations from this workshop which had in attendance 227 participants from India and some South Asian countries.

Proceedings of the international symposium on agricultural innovation for family farmers: Unlocking the potential of agricultural innovation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

From 21–23 November 2018,  FAO convened the first International Symposium on Agricultural Innovation for Family Farmers in Rome, Italy. The proceedings provide a record of the main highlights of the symposium, including the youth event co-organized with YPARD.

Gendered aspirations and occupations among rural youth, in agriculture and beyond: A cross-regional perspective

Based on 25 case studies from the global comparative study ‘GENNOVATE: Enabling gender equality in agricultural and environmental innovation’, this paper explores rural young women’s and men’s occupational aspirations and trajectories in India, Mali, Malawi, Morocco, Mexico, Nigeria, and the Philippines.