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Pakistan Cotton Market Outlook Report 2014/2015 is ready!

Cotton farmers in Pakistan.Our Pakistan representative, Shahla Salah, has recently completed her field survey and market analysis report on Pakistan Cotton Market Outlook for the season 14/15. The document stresses on the instability of prices in the current market scenario which limits farmers to sow cotton. “Our farmers are unable to understand the market scenario while the global supply and demand is getting more and tighter”, says Shahla.

According to the report, youth play an important role in encouraging farmers to adopt technology in order to increase the production size and improve the cultivation methodology. Likewise, young scientists could teach them that feeding the world is a big issue but clothing is also very critical when facing the demographic growth of nations. “We need to make the cropping pattern very systematic for the development of agro-economy, industry and human livelihood”, adds our Pakistan representative.

Click download to access the Pakistan Cotton Market Outlook report.

Picture credit: Cotton farmers in Pakistan, by Shahla Salah.