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Pleins feux

A propos de "Pleins feux"« Pleins feux - portraits de Jeunes Professionnels »  est une galerie de portraits de jeunes professionnels actifs et sources d'inspiration dans le développement agricole.Tu voudrais aussi « raconter ton histoire » ? Deviens membre d'YPARD et contacte-nous ! Quel est l’intérêt?A YPARD, nous sommes convaincus que partager son expérience c’est:
  • informer et partager des bonnes pratiques et leçons retenues
  • générer le débat de pensées et idées pour optimiser l’action
  • solliciter l’inspiration pour plus d’innovation et d’entreprenariat
  • bien plus!

Pleins feux

  • Ma rencontre avec YPARD Cameroun

    "YPARD nous permet d’avoir une plus grande visibilité sur le monde professionnel." Témoignage de Céline EDOA mettant en lumière son expérience de jeune en agriculture avec YPARD.

  • 5 years of YPARD: a life-changing journey

    "Being a YPARD representative gave me so many empowering opportunities, but also a chance to empower others" Testimonial by Ivana Radic Jean highlighting her experience and journey in working with youth in agriculture within the YPARD Serbia  community  since February 2013.

  • YPARDian bags home the 2017 SFIAR Master Thesis award!

    In 2017, YPARD member, Sebastian Mengel, was the recipient of the Master Thesis award for his collaborative research with YPARD, HAFL and CGIAR CRP drylands program on agricultural livelihoods of rural youth in the drylands of Midelt, Morocco.

  • Good-bye from YPARD Nepal: Creating a space for young leaders

    This testimonial by Dinesh Panday highlights his experience in working with youth in agriculture within the YPARD Nepal  community since 2012. He is currently a doctoral graduate research assistant (2016-2019) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the former YPARD Nepal country representative. 

  • A season of innovation

    The climate-smart irrigation system was designed with the aim of addressing these challenges; by collecting rainwater, transferring it below the soil surface and using it during the time of low rainfall thus making water available and accessible for perennial plants all year round.  

  • De nulle part à quelque part; YPARD a ouvert mon chemin

    Ce témoignage relate le parcours de Marc Ghislain BAPPA SE, actuel responsable communication de YPARD Cameroun, dans sa quête vers l’acquisition des connaissances et de compétences, afin de devenir un jeune professionnel dans le secteur agricole et développement rurale. Grace à son engagement, aspiration et assiduité dans tous ce qu’il a pu bénéficier comme formations ou renforcement de capacités, il a su mettre cela a profit pour être là où il est aujourd’hui. Lisez son histoire…

  • Climate resilient agriculture and producer-consumer justice through ICT

    Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 was created to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts to ensure climate resilient agriculture and ICT based business promotional interventions from producer to consumer level. Youth, therefore, can play a supporting role to increase awareness and promote the agenda of SDG for agricultural sustainability to make sure others are aware of it.

  • From nowhere to somewhere; YPARD made a way

    Marc Ghislain tells about all the changing scenes in his life as a young professional in agriculture: the anxiety in choosing a profession in agriculture and how his engagement with YPARD helped him find his feet in the agricultural sector.