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Call for Applications! Learning Route on Securing Land and Water Rights: the cases of Senegal and Mauritania.


Call for application;  ProcasurDear Colleagues, 

PROCASUR, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and PATA (Agricultural and Rural Foresight Initiative) are pleased to announce a Learning initiative on Securing Land and Water Rights in irrigation schemes, as share of the cross regional component on Land Tenure Security and Natural Resource Management of the " Strengthening Capacities and tools for scaling-up and Disseminating innovations " IFAD-PROCASUR Program. 

This Learning Initiative is intended to promote a better understanding amongst IFAD projects and their main stakeholders on how to better secure land and water rights in and around irrigation schemes amongst rural small producers, who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. 

The importance of land and water in contributing to the increase of agricultural production, income, health and sustainable use. The intricacies of Land and Water Governance (LWG) are only beginning to be understood; Indeed, rural and rural areas are key to reducing extreme poverty and hunger. 

As share of the learning initiative, the  Learning Route "Securing Land and Water Rights in irrigation schemes through innovative tools and practical solutions: the cases of Senegal and Mauritania " will take place in Senegal and Mauritania from the  6 to the 16 of March 2017 . Participants in Senegal and Mauritania: 

  1. The  Support Programme for Rural Communities of the Senegal River Valley (PACR-VFS) , Funded by the French Development Agency (Diama community in St. Louis Region, Senegal); 
  2. The  Maghama Improved Flood Recession Farming Project (PACDM)  Funded by IFAD, (Maghama community, Gorgol Region, Mauritania; 
  3. The  Rural development project of Matam - Consolidation of Food Security Project  Funded by the West African Development Bank, in Matam Region, Senegal) 

This initiative will expose participants from different IFAD projects and partner institutions with a range of innovative mechanisms and learning activities. Innovative local initiatives will give participants the opportunity to analyze and to learn about innovative tools and practices developed by different actors on land and water rights in irrigation schemes directly from the local champions in the host experiences and with the support of thematic experts all along the Route . Furthermore, thematic workshops and panels of experts Will Be Organized in cooperation with the  Global Donor Working Group on Land  and the  Poverty Reduction Project  in South and Aftout Karakoro - PASK II IFAD  supported project in Mauritania.  

NGOS, CSOs, NGOS, NGOS, and others. Being a cross-regional initiative, participants from  WCA, ESA, NEN, APR  and  LAC  Will Be Regarded for selection; However, in order to improve the quality of the project, 

During and after the day, country-teams will be supported in the development of an innovation in their country / organizations / projects. Innovation Plans designed by the "ruteros" (Participating Route in Spanish).

Apply no later than Friday, February 10th 2017!
Please, download, fill and send the (i) Application Form; (Ii) Scholarship Request Form; (Iii) your organization Commitment, and before before the 10th of February 2017. Early applications are encouraged. We will be happy to provide you with more information on the Learning Route and guide you in the application process. 

For further information, please phone or email by Contacting:
Ms. Viviana Sacco Phone: +39 338.1046068
Mr. Karim Derrahi: Phone: + 221.785223844
Mr. Jean Louis Decrou: Phone: +221.777917411

Please feel free to share this information with --other potential participants and people you feel will be interested in Applying. We would like to hear from you.

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