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Call for participation: Climate resilient agriculture

Climate change has a profound impact on agriculture with dwindling crop production putting global food security at risk. Nepalese agriculture is at a great risk of losing the battle against climate change due to undiversified, traditional and monsoon-dependent farming practices. A study funded by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) revealed that by the 2070s, net agricultural losses in Nepal due to climate change are estimated to be the equivalent per year of around 0.8% of current GDP, or US$140 million/year in current prices Let's build up our knowledge base to tackle climate change and make agriculture more resilient. Join the 2 days workshop on "Climate Resilient Agriculture". Total Seats - 30 Registration Fee: NRs 200 (Registration + Lunch + Certificate + Stationery) The workshop will cover the following topics in different sessions: 1. Climate Change and its impact on agriculture and food security 2. Climate Change Adaptations and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) 3. CSA technology for different agro-ecology 4. Scientific tools and methods for the assessment and evaluation of CSA 5. Idea presentation on Climate Resilient Agriculture Organized By: YPARD Nepal Supported By: Nepal Agricultural Engineering Students Society, Nepalese Society of Agricultural Engineers YPARD Nepal Chapter is being hosted by Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association.   
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