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CIRAD - Research impact officer

CIRAD, the Center for International Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development, is recruiting an "Impact of Research" mission, specializing in project design, construction of the project impact path and method monitoring and evaluation of agronomic research projects for development. Positioned within the Valorisation and Innovation delegation, it will work closely with the "Impress" Innovation-Impact settlement project, which has developed a specific methodology for integrating the impact into the programming of CIRAD.

Position description

This operational role will consist in helping CIRAD teams to set up and follow convincing research projects, combining scientific excellence, relevance to development goals and impacts. It will concentrate on deploying the ImpresS ex ante method as part of the assembly of the research projects of the various departments and to support the monitoring and evaluation and the learning of certain specific projects. CIRAD has developed a participatory method of impact assessment in the framework of a project called ImpresS, which in its ex-post version has been applied to a collection of case studies. The ImpresS approach in its ex-ante version aims to get the teams who set up research projects to better describe their path of impact on different aspects of development,

The institution now wants to deploy this approach, promoting a culture of impact among its researchers and partners. This position will have as specific activities:

  • Implement the ImpresS ex-ante methodology in the network to enable them to fully integrate the culture and tools of impact assessment into their work of assembling and monitoring the projects of the research ;
  • Support the research teams and the processors in the construction, drafting and monitoring and evaluation of CIRAD's research and development projects using the Impress ex ante method;
  • Promote the dissemination of the ImpresS method to the main donors by means of appropriate communication and the carrying out of studies or assessments that meet their expectations;
  • Conduct training activities with CIRAD teams and units and their partners in the South on the evaluation of the impact of research in close relation with the ImpresS project;
  • Contribute to the improvement of the ImpresS approach to assessing the impact of agronomic research for development;
  • Involve in ex post impact assessments as required for CIRAD or for third parties;
  • Contribute to internal and external communication on the impact of research and the ImpresS approach.


France - Montpellier (with possible missions on the CIRAD fields)


  • Post-graduate degree or higher education (Bac +5); a formation integrating a transdisciplinary opening is a plus.
  • Excellent drafting skills in English and French; English / French bilingualism is a plus.
  • Proven skills in the field of animation, editing and drafting of research and / or development projects.
  • Desired experience in assembling responses to finalized international and / or development calls for tenders requiring knowledge of the paths of impact or the theory of change (Europaid, Gates Foundation, Development Banks, etc.).
  • Experiences of teamwork and animation in research groups.
  • Experience in the field of agriculture of southern countries is a plus.

Position constraints

Travel to Southern countries (Africa in particular)

Work on screen

Team work

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