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International civil society conference on the SDGs, agriculture and fisheries in Cameroon

Join us for the conference!

The conference is organized by the More and Better Network,  Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, Asian Farmers Association,  FoodFirst, Foodtank, IFOAM, MIJARC, Millennium Institute,  Oakland Institute, PROPAC,  Right to Food Campaign (India), Heidehof Stiftung, Karibu Foundation and Agroecology Fund.   More organizations will join as co-organizers. 

Important key issues to debate on during the conference are summarized in the sign-on letter which 130 civil society organizations have signed on to. 

The More and Better biannual General assembly will take place during the SDG-conference.

Deadline for registration: August 15th

Deadline for application for financial support: August 10th

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