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PhD - Efffect of climatic and environmental conditions on reproductive performance in waterbirds

Project Description

Global climate changes affect various aspects of bird ecology. Previous studies confirmed positive effect of higher spring temperature on arrival and the beginning of breeding. Weather conditions of previous winter season affect availability of food, termoregulatory energy expenses and consequently also changes in winter distribution (i.e. shortage of migratory distance). Moreover, growth of littoral and submerged vegetation and inter-seasonal variation in food availability can be affected by climatic changes especially in conditions of eutrophic fishponds. The thesis will be aimed at evaluation of the effects of climatic conditions and other environmental variables on reproductive performance of waterbirds in fishpond systems in South Bohemia. 

The data set anaylysesd in the PhD thesis will include both (1) Analysis of data sampled by PhD stdent by the own work in the field in Czech wetland area and (2) Analysis of long-term data set sampled by Waterbird Ecology Research Group of Faculty of Environmental Studies of Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague and by external co-workers. The final thesis will include 3-5 original papers published(or submitted) in per -reviewed journals. Among those, applicant will be the first author of 2 papers. The thesis will be based on team cooperation, including other members of Department of Ecology of Faculty of Environmental studies of CULS, cooperation with other researches in international Duck Specialists Group of Wetlands International / IUCN. The aims and scopes of individual papers will be designed according personal interview between applicant, supervisor and other team members. 

Required documents for the application (send to

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Academic letter of recommendation (by your supervisor)
  • Diploma + Diploma supplement (Transcript of records)

In the case of above-standard publishing activities (at least 3 publications) the possibility of writing a dissertation in the form of an annotated work

The scholarship is gradually increasing along with the fulfilled obligations of the PhD student (9,300 - 13,000 CZK)

Please notice that the regular scholarship does not cover the living costs completely and you will need to search for some additional funding.

Note that this is just a pre-selection. The selected candidate will be invited to submit official application to the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.  

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