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REES call for projects

In accordance with the Dean’s Regulation No. 13/2019 The Faculty of Environmental Sciences at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) invites highly motivated researchers to apply for the Research Excellence in Environmental Sciences (REES) projects in the fields of Ecology, Applied and Landscape Ecology, and Environmental Earth Sciences. The call is aimed at experienced researchers with the aspiration to succeed in international grant calls and publish their results in recognized journals. The faculty is open to welcome new colleagues year-round.


  • Three-year employment contract (with annual evaluation)
  • Budget up to 9 000 000 CZK (~350 000 EUR) for 3 years
  • Salary up to 100 000 CZK (~3900 EUR) monthly for the main researcher


  • Application for projects in ERC (within the first two years) and Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) (first or second year)
  • Publications in first quartile journals (annually), first decile journals (biennially) and submission of a paper to a Nature Index journal.

Picture credit: FZP/CZU

For more details visit here the FZP website