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Young people and family farming

Family farming organizations have prioritized youth during the IYFF-2014 and with greater emphasis in the IYFF +10.

They highlight the importance of adopting different public policies to promote inclusion, integration and the social, legal and economic recognition of youth in the agricultural sector and in rural development. This document summarises the youth and family farming study carried out by the World Rural Forum (WRF). The study, drawn upon the basis of a questionnaire sent to members of the WRF network and the YPARD network, aims to continue brainstorming ideas in the debate and creation of strategies to link young people (men and women) to family farming, especially in the framework of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028). 

The main objective of this study is to describe the current situation and contribute to setting out a common position on youth development in family farming. The conclusions reached will, therefore, be taken into account in the policy lobbying on behalf of young people in the IYFF+10 campaign1.

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