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What about this "Showcase"?

Young Professionals' Showcase Room is a space where portraits of Active and Inspirational Young Professionals in Agricultural Development are displayed. You also would like to tell your story? Register and contact us!

What is the purpose of this and what do you gain from it?

YPARD team believes that sharing experience enables:

  • informing on good practices and lessons learned
  • generating thoughts and ideas for optimizing activities
  • inspiring each other for more innovation and entrepreneurship
  • ...and more!

Showcase Room

  • Machine and cows are her passion; Heidi Bättig, a young female farm manager in Switzerland

    It’s 5.15 in the morning in Ufhusen (LU), a small village of Switzerland. It’s dark and silent, most of the animals and humans are still asleep. It's at this early time of the day that Heidi Bättig (a Swiss young woman, 33 year old) starts her work. She slips into her boots and goes to the barn. First thing she does is to feed the cows and prepare the milking cluster.
  • GCARD2: YPARD Paved the Way for Me….You could be next!

    We discussed the challenges of youth in ARD and proffered solutions that would be brought before stakeholders at the event. Realizing that all over the world, it is a known fact that youths have a key role to play if given the opportunity and the appropriate platform was a source of hope and a better future to anticipate. We can and would be hands of change to transform the world for better.
  • From getting a Youth voice to committing to action in ARD strategic arena!

    I am one of the founding members of YPARD. I am also a promoter of the creation of YPARD European Unit hosted by the Bern University of Applied Sciences, School of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences (HAFL), and its representation in EFARD, the European Forum in ARD (of which I am vice-chair). I join Oliver when he says he is very proud of the successes YPARD has achieved by now.
  • Youth in ARD: We’re getting there…

    I feel privileged to be among the founding members of YPARD. Prior to 2005, we could hardly see young professionals participating in global discussions in ARD. (...) Now in GCARD 2, we were able to provide inputs to the official parallel session on capacity building.(...) These are all inconceivable back in 2000 when the first GFAR Conference was held!
  • “If one does what one is passionate about, the doors will open”

    This is what answers Beatriz Vanessa Herrera when asked what is the key to publishing, in a refereed journal such as Food Security, only in her first year as a professional geographer, the article titled Threats to cassava production: known and potential geographic distribution of four key biotic constraints.
  • “Being a researcher is an interesting journey”

    This is how Danilo Moreta perceives the constant challenge that being a young researcher means to him. Danilo, an agronomist of the Escuela Agricola Panamericana "Zamorano" in Honduras, has always perceived nature as something mysterious, magical and full of charm, notions which make up much of his motivation for having decided to become a researcher.
  • Working with small-scale farmers in Peru

    When I was a child, my grandfather always talked about his life in Santiago de Chuco – a village located in the highlands of Peru - and how much he wished he hadn’t left it. As a lot of people, my grandparents had to travel to a major city (Trujillo, capital of La Libertad)...
  • Creating a new vision for agricultural research!

    I am happy to being attached with this network as it is lifting up me to connect with international agricultural research organizations, scientists and networks. YPARD is a promising body of young professionals and has the potential to guide career development.
  • Me and Agriculture - Our Story

    Very often, I am questioned about "Why have you chosen agriculture when you could have done something more interesting and get a stable job?". When I think about it, the only the answer I can get is that I have a passion for it. I have no idea how it happened, but there are many factors that have contributed to it.