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Agriculture is more than just growing and doing animal husbandry, agriculture is a passion!

Juma Bruno Ngomuo, member of the Tanzania Graduate Farmers Association (TGFA) and youth representative for Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Tanzania Team.

It is more than three years now since I started to work in providing different advisory services to farmer groups as well as linking them to professional assistance and I still admire and feel comfortable working with them.

Thanks to being a member of the Tanzania Graduate Farmers Association (TGFA) and other networks, I have become an agriculture role model in areas of youth in agriculture advocacy in action. I work on reinforcing different holistic concept notes for agriculture development and economic empowerment, urban farming, as well as on facilitating inspirational talks and social events. Besides this, I have become a youth representative for Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Tanzania Team.

Blogging and the power of information

As we are living in a digitalized world, information is power, and as information is everywhere it is just a matter of changing our way of thinking. I am a close follower of massive investment in farming and agricultural sector by local and foreign companies in Africa, particularly in my country, Tanzania. Due to this, I realize we count with a lot of information although it is important how we transform it into actions.

With my recent involvement in promoting farming as business for youth and women through social media, I have realized how much I love blogging on agricultural marketing and learning from what I write, update and share with other farmers and followers. This has enabled me to get more outreach and contribute to driving change in agricultural transformation through ICT and youth empowerment.

Agriculture for change

I would love to see the time where Africans will be able to feed their Africans and get out of hunger, civil wars and economic injustice. Therefore, I call young people to work together with their parents and local leaders to bring social changes through entrepreneurship and participation in community development activities and decision making process. They are not supposed to lag behind and wait for white color jobs which most are found in urban areas, but rather making sure that they choose the academic path that will enable them to involve and develop local enterprises for the local communities’ sake.

My call to my fellow citizens and Africans is that we are the masters of our own mankind and we are the ones to choose what to do, when and how while adhere to laws and regulations. So let’s change ourselves from being aid or foreign driven minds by waking up and working in order to make use of our local available resources, choose our responsible leaders and avoid corruption while taking care of our body health and environment.  

Being an inspiring young champion

I believe that in five years to come there will be a lot of positive changes especially in livelihood improvement where we will see a lot of well-educated and informed youth and women take the lead in livelihood improvement such that the Government and non State actors will join efforts in well regulated public-private partnerships. Accordingly, I would love to take part of the social change on advocating for youth empowerment and propagating government and private sector’s investment in quality education.

All in all, my only aspiration is to be an inspired young champion who can encourage other people to greatly develop their entrepreneurial skills and technical knowledge, with the aim of building their countries and communities through sharing their experiences, skills and knowledge.

Picture credit: Juma Bruno Ngomuo