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"Agriculture is not a hard and unprofitable work; agriculture is business"

Story captured by Amelia Ochoa, as part of the series "Thought For Food Global Summit - Building the next generation's powerhouse." Check out the success story of Luke Smith, a youth champion who participated in the Though For Food Global Summit 2015 as young ambassador.

Which workshops have you found the most interesting at the Thought For Food Global Summit 2015?

I have attended first the workshop "Producing Locally: A New Approach to Solving Global Food Shortages?" given by the award-winning photographer Jan Brykczynski, in which he showed how farming is becoming catchier in urban areas though innovative systems, while in rural areas they use many traditional farming methods. I also attended the workshop "Entertainment That Inspires Action" in which we learned how to how to apply for funding for a film project/campaign and understand the growing opportunities for filmmakers nowadays.

What do you get from Thought For Food 2015?

Thought For Food Summit really encourages young people by providing us with a platform for pitching ideas and networking. This way we can link with other people to inspire the youth and make them real change actors who can influence the current system.

How do global meetings like TFF contribute to engage young people in agriculture?

International events like the TFF are key to network, particularly for young people who are starting their careers and who are willing to be change agents. Events like this empower me to go back home and spread the voice about youth´s role in agriculture.

What actions might you take after participating in the TFF?

My main idea is to create a small film series about food industry in Trinidad and Tobago. I am planning to make short documentaries about youth in agriculture projects in my homeland. 

What is the professional motto you live by?

Change in agriculture does not come from farm alone. Agriculture is not a hard and unprofitable work, it´s not a social activity either. Agriculture is business. It´s an entire system and a dynamic supply chain which any other actor, like you, can fall into.

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