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Creating a new vision for agricultural research!

I felt lucky to be one of the twelve young scientists of YPARD to raise voice of youth`s thinking at the platform of CGIAR Science Forum in Beijing, 2011.

This platform gave me to interact with experts and scientist, sharing knowledge with them and present message of youths at the dais of highest level of agriculture researcher. In respect of my area of interest in agro biodiversity, I heard about new dimensions of agricultural research, practices and gearing up the national economy with considering the environment and ecology as a whole green economy from the conference. I have seen presentation of eco-agriculture, renewable bioenergy, plant-microbe interactions; learnt about hydroponics and indoor flower and fruit cultivation by field visits.

I already merge couples of ideas into trails to make new angles to my research after communicating with the elder scientists that I met during the conference.

I am happy to being attached with this network as it is lifting up me to connect with international agricultural research organizations, scientists and networks. YPARD is a promising body of young professionals and has the potential to guide career development.

Fardous Azam, Bangladesh