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Meet YPARD Mentee: Sally Musungu

Starting a new farming business is a tough decision to make. It is a decision filled with excitement of getting into something that is life changing and interesting but also filled with concerns about the risks ahead and uncertainties involved. Starting a farm means that you have to put extra-long hours into your business and planning everything to the least detail.

We all need experienced mentors for our starts up to be successful. The entrepreneurial mentoring program run by online mentoring program for young women entrepreneurs could not come at a better time and I consider myself extremely lucky to be selected into the program. Specifically, information on business model canvas from my mentor has been very applicable while I was drafting my poultry business model.

Position: Researcher at University of Nairobi

Education: Sustainable Agromony, Warwick University UK

Country: Kenya

During the program I am keen to develop business plan for my poultry business, learn about local and develop new poultry feed formulation that will lower production cost whilst generating more income for my business. I have been working on feed formulation for layers and the experiment so far has been positive.  Currently, I am a researcher at the University of Nairobi. In 5 years’ time, I intend to be full time in poultry farming as it is more fulfilling. This program will unlock my entrepreneurial potential as well as enable me create employment opportunities for the youth and women in my area.

PS: Sally Musungu is also one of the YPARD Mentee.  Read her profile on the YPARD Website