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"We Generation Z are still open to bring creative ideas into reality"

Story captured by Amelia Ochoa, as part of the series "Thought For Food Global Summit - Building the next generation's powerhouse." Check out the success story of YPARD Trinidad and Tobago representative, Keron Bascombe. A youth champion who participated in the Though For Food Global Summit 2015 as young ambassador.

Which workshops have you found the most interesting at the Thought For Food Global Summit 2015?

I have participated in the "Entertainment for Social Action" workshop, given by Tiffani Brown, Director of Operations at A Place at the Table. It deals with a special strategy to get your target audience and bring them into action after watching your media production. I engaged as well in the workshop "Nurturing a Resilient Humanity" with Andrew Snyder-Beattie, Academic Project Manager at Oxford Institute for the Future of Humanity, on finding solutions to produce food and distribute it if human extinction happened.

What have you you gained though your participation at the TFF?

This global summit includes elements that you cannot find in any other conference which are really appealing to the youth, and that make agriculture look like something 'sexy.' If you have a look at the different speakers, the environment, the fact of starting the second day with a rave party or having participatory workshops instead of the regular ones, it shows you how to get young people involved in global issues.

How does TFF contribute to engage young people in agriculture?

Innovation is key to inspire creativity. However, as we grow older we lose it. We generation Z are still open to express ourselves and bring creative ideas into reality. Events like TFF, which focus on innovation, are making possible to pull young people´s attention out to make them create amazing solutions, products and services to solve global issues.  

What actions might you take after participating in the TFF?

Besides working on my blog Tech4Agri, I would like to get into podcasting interviewing young professionals who deal with agricultural issues. It won´t be about regular interviews but about telling a story targeting most serious issues in agriculture with a bit of humour to get young people attracted and involved in the agriucltural sector. I am also planning to build a mobile app as well as a web series. 

What is the professional motto you live by?

If you are interested in agriculture, be dedicated and driven as much as possible and pursue your ideas for entrepreneurship and innovation. Seek any means to develop your project and turn it into reality no matter how many people you´ll find who will not believe in it. Think outside the box to get your initiative done! 

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