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Working with small-scale farmers in Peru

When I was a child, my grandfather always talked about his life in Santiago de Chuco – a village located in the highlands of Peru - and how much he wished he hadn’t left it. As a lot of people, my grandparents had to travel to a major city (Trujillo, capital of La Libertad) because in Santiago there weren´t basic public services and their children suffered a lot.However, I could feel a lot of passion for rural world in my grandfather´s words… He missed beauty and peace of the highlands a lot. Therefore, I decided to be an Animal Scientist when I was only 8 years old because I wanted to work improving the quality of life of animal farmers in rural areas of my country dreaming that someday they may have the same opportunities in their own places.Ever since I started my studies at National Agrarian University (UNALM, Lima - Peru) I´ve believed in the power of agriculture as a tool for development. After 8 years of working with small scale farmers, I could say that young rural people tend to emigrate to big cities and they don´t want to be farmers: even more, they prefer not to get a job instead of produce the land.For this reason, I want to improve my knowledge in strategies of rural development that can raise the interest of young people in agriculture. Furthermore, I think the Peruvian Government has to invest more in the agrarian sector in a good way in order to develop my country with sustainable criteria.Moreover, I think that very few young professionals are involved in agricultural development here in Peru. I belong to a group of young Peruvian professionals who works in including goat farming in the public agenda. There are about 200 000 families – in very poor conditions – who live from Goat production and they don´t receive enough – or any – support; it is the same issue with pork small producers.Nowadays, I work in a governmental institution making social projects with farmers in the outskirts of Lima and I study a postgraduate course in Sustainable Sanitation.  I´ve already finished a course in Agricultural Cooperatives and another in Social Development. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me by e-mail: