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A YOUng FARMer's Vision, Slovakia, Peter Francisci

Peter farms in cooperation with his father about 300 hectares of land, in Slovakia. They produce grain, as well as pellets for energy, both for export to neighbouring countries. Father and son act both as an individual company, and share the earnings half - half. Decisions concerning the agricultural operation are decided together, the women being involved in these processes.This video belongs to a series of 3 videos called “A YOUng FARMer’s vision”. The project aimed at producing three short films; each of them portrays a young farmer, giving an authentic and positive picture about their daily life and their visions. These were intiated and submitted for a students’ competition named “Engagier Dich!” (Get active!) carried out by the Mercator Foundation Switzerland. Learn more on:  A YOUng FARMer’s vision, blog post by Martina Graf (YPARD Europe)Video also available on Youtube, on YOUng FARMer's vision.