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YPARD Monthly Newsletter - February

How can we support you better? YPARD 2019 Members' survey

As a valued member of the YPARD network, do you have any feedback or insights on the YPARD services offered in 2018? Any suggestions on how the network can serve and support you better in 2019?

Help us assess the services and the value you see in YPARD as a network by taking 5 minutes to fill in the  YPARD members' survey. It is anonymous, so feel free to express your opinions.

Unveiling the participants of the young progressive farmers’ workshop

Meet the prioritised 40 out of the 681 strong applicants for the youth in sustainable food systems workshop in Mbale Uganda. The workshop organized between YPARD, FAO and Rikolto aims at increasing the capacity of young progressive farmers in sustainable agriculture practices that can lead to sustainable development and stronger rural and urban linkages.

Welcoming YPARD Gambia representative: Haddy Ceesay

We are delighted to welcome the new YPARD Gambia representative, Haddy Ceesay, a graduate of the University of Glamorgan, Wales, the UK with a Bachelor of Arts in International Business. She currently manages her family business, Gambia Horticultural Enterprise (GHE), a multipurpose agri-business company engaged in the entire horticultural value chain.

Welcoming YPARD China country representative: Zhong Li

We are delighted to welcome the new YPARD China country representative, Mr Zhong Li, a graduate with a master's degree of International Trade and Investment Policy from Elliott School of International Affairs of George Washington University and dual bachelor’s degrees of Economics from University of Colorado Denver and China Agricultural University.


YPARD Philippines represents Filipino youth in UN-IFAD

On Feb. 14-15 YPARD Philippines representative, Jim Leandro  Cano, represented the youth at the 42nd Governing Council of the International Fund for Agricultural Development ( IFAD ) of the United Nations.  Jim, presented success stories of youth-led initiatives of YPARD Philippines that have tapped funding for a start-up business or to access markets abroad for agricultural services.

Aimé Kazika : « La République Démocratique du Congo a près de 90 % de terre qui chôme »

Propos recueillis par Prisca Lokale

Ingénieur agronome et représentant de YPARD en RDC, un réseau international des jeunes professionnels mis en place depuis 2006 pour le développement agricole, Aimé Kazika a indiqué, au cours d’un entretien, que son pays, la République démocratique du Congo a près de 90% de terre qui chôme.

YPARD Albania: 1000 reasons why food matters

On February 1st, YPARD Albania held an event dubbed 1000 Reasons Why Food Matters at the Stephen Center, in Tirana, the Albanian capital. The event drew students and professors from primary / Middle school of “Siri Kodra” in Tirana and experts to discuss the importance of traditional practice in shaping the environment and subsequently the food.


Call for volunteers to translate YPARD information materials

Are you fluent in Chinese, French or Spanish? Would you like to volunteer your time and services to help translate YPARD content for a greater reach to the Chinese, Hispanophone and Francophone community? If your answer is Yes, drop us a line on .

GLF Youth Coordinator Consultant

The Global Landscapes Forum is seeking for a motivated young person to fill the position of the GLF  Youth Coordinator Consultant. The select person shall be responsible for ensuring that young people and youth networks, such as Youth in Landscape Initiative (YIL) are integrated into the planning and execution of key GLF activities. YPARD is a member of the YIL and as such we encourage our members to apply on or before 31st March 2019.



Farming for Biodiversity - Proven solutions meet global policy

This report by RARE builds on 338 solutions submitted through a global crowdsourcing contest called Solution Search as part of a broader project, Farming for Biodiversity. Select YPARD members participated in the Solution Search contest.