The untold YPARDian stories; Ag innovation showcase

Are you an innovative young professional in agriculture who is involved in any interesting agri-food systems initiative in Africa consequently challenging the status-quo?

How did you as an active participant in agriculture or agribusiness, make it through the ups and downs of life in the agricultural sector?

How are you forging forward through the maze of climate change, land tenure system, inadequate capital among others on the intimidating list of threats to the success of Africa's youth in agriculture?

Submit a three-minute video portraying your own experience engaging in any aspect of agriculture. Tell the world of the innovation that you added to your line of work which has distinguished you from all others in your league.

Send your video to

Please indicate in the 'subject' of the email the title: YPARDian untold stories.

The video must not last more than three minutes.

Let your experience be an encouragement to youth in your country, on the continent of Africa and across the globe that success is a reality and is possible.

Photo credit: Enokson (Flickr user)