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There are several policy statements, directions, and strategic documents that shape agriculture in Zimbabwe before and after the independence of 1980.  As YPARD Zimbabwe, we aim to build on such pronunciations and written communication in a holistic and transparent manner.  For example, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable and Socio-Economic Transformation (ZIMASSET) is the latest national blueprint by the Government of Zimbabwe. ZIMASSET has come to encapsulate all forms of development policy and practice in Zimbabwe. 

The blueprint section that speaks directly to agriculture is the Food and Nutrition Security Cluster though other Clusters can be related to agriculture. YPARD Zimbabwe will further the ideals of the Food and Nutrition Security Cluster through critical thinking and national dialogues.  We will engage intellectuals and practitioners in Zimbabwe and Diaspora on intelligent conversations within agriculture.  We seek to promote agriculture, and overall national development whenever and wherever chance and opportunity avails itself.

The youth workforce will lead in all these efforts.  Agriculture plays a key role in the economy of Zimbabwe, contributing to export earnings, employment creation, and provision of food to many households. To strategically position youths in this economy matrix is a wise investment for the nation.  We will further enhance strategic actions targeted at youth from government and stakeholders.  We are confident that agriculture can rank top of other sectors of the economy of Zimbabwe as the career choice, source of income, and provision of decent employment.      

Youths are leaders and entrepreneurs in agriculture.  We will establish partnerships with willing organizations to engage and empower youths in Zimbabwe with the requisite knowledge and skills for agriculture.  Research and innovation will be instrumental in making YPARD Zimbabwe one of the foremost think tanks on youth and agriculture issues in Zimbabwe.

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