CUI '14 Contemporary Urban Issues Conference on Informality

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Track 01: Rethinking Informality

Informality at Home
Architecture of informality
Squatters / slums / shanties
Self-Help housing and upgrading
Gated communities
Laws and regulations of housing construction
Daily life in between formal and informal
Immigrants and refugees
Crime (association of crime with informality)
Urbanization and informality
Everyday resistance
Place politics
Survival strategies

Informality at Work
Informal economy and service sector
Factors shaping informal economy
Immigration and informal labor
Sub-contracting (Multinational companies, public employment, etc.)
International division of labor
Globalization/localization effects on work
Underground business networks
Alternatives to public services
Street art / graffiti / musicians

Informality in Theory

The evolution of the concept in theory
Globalization/localization theories
Forms of Informality
"Culture of poverty"/ "myth of marginality" / "quiet encroachment of the ordinary" / "mystery of capital"
Urban informality in popular culture

Track 02: Policy Matters and Political Transformations

Citizenship / immigration / informality
Alternative ways of civic participation
Decision making at the local/national levels
National public policies' strategies dealing with the informal
Legal and institutional framework
Informality and the 'Right to the City'
Social Policies to fight/support the informal
Legalization / formalization
The policies, instruments and orientation of International Organizations like UN, WDB, ILO
Instruments of NGOs and opposition
(This track is connected to the Political Theory Studies Research Direction of DAKAM)

Track 03: Economy, Inequality and Urban space

Economic restructuring and economic crisis
Local Governments and Economy
Equlity, inequality and urban space
Cities and Dynamics of economy
Role of the cities in the globalization process
Resistance and Urban Space
Social Capital and Urban Land Use
(This track is connected to the Economy Studies Research Direction of DAKAM)

Track 04: Locality, Planning and Local Administrations

Urban Space and Local Differences
Problem of locality and universality of urban design
Participation of People in Local Affairs and "Democracy"
Local Government Management Capacity
Social and Economic Development at the Local Level
Educational Development and Management of Education at Local Level
Coverage and Quality of Health Services
The Role of the Local Governments on the Public Security
Politics and local elections
Transparency of local governments
(This track is connected to the Locality Issues Research Direction of DAKAM)

Track 05: Ecology and Urban Studies

Local Governments and Energy
Urban Green Space
Ecology and built area - buildings, roads, drainage etc
Pollution and Industry
Natural resources and urban planning
Natural landscape/protective landscape - forest/wildlife ecology
Agriculture, Productive landscape - rural ecology
Rural Planning
Street trees and home gardens
Water bodies - ponds, rivers
Urban ecosystems: Climate, soil, hydrology, species composition, population dynamics, flow of energy.
(This track is connected to the Ecology Studies Research Direction of DAKAM) 

CUI '14 Contemporary Urban Issues Conference on Informality