Zimbabwe Youth Agripreneurship Summit 2014

On behalf of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union, I wish to invite you to the Zimbabwe Youth ‘Agriprenuership’ Summit scheduled to take place from the 27th to the 29th of August 2014 at the Archdiocese of Harare (Rockwood Spiritual and Pastoral Centre).

The goal of the summit is to generate and connect ideas aimed at progressing agriculture in Zimbabwe with the next generation of Young people. This is a step towards encouraging youth to be responsible of their future and the community around them. The key objectives of the summit are:

•        To provide an avenue for young agricultural entrepreneurs from across the nation to discuss agri-business sector challenges and to identify actionable sustainable solutions;

•        To provide a platform for young agricultural entrepreneurs to network and build strong alliances with their peers and stakeholders.

•        To share success stories of young people in agriculture in order to motivate participants to stay proactive and maintain a high degree of persistence to succeed in the sector;

•        To create an atmosphere that fosters business networks and friendships;

•        To motivate young people by showing them available opportunities, e.g. jobs, investment, business, in agriculture;

•        To support  young people in developing their own work plans to contribute to the development of their communities and the empowerment of their peers;

•        To secure commitment from the Government, development partners, private sector players, civil society, youths in supporting youth driven ‘Agripreneurship’, employment and food security.

The Zimbabwe Youth ‘Agriprenuership’ Summit is running under the theme “From Inspiration to Action” and builds up on the foundation laid in the previous summit which focused on breaking barriers inhibiting young people to fully exploit their potential in agriculture.

Please kindly confirm your presence to Newton Chari on (0773 568 500) or Charlotte Duevel on (0776 617332).