Have you tried the Agritech toolbox?

ApplicationHave you tried the Agritech toolbox yet? This ground-breaking virtual toolbox lets YOU explore which agricultural technologies will have the greatest impact on productivity and food security in your region by 2050.

The toolbox was developed this year by IFPRI, together with the report "Food Security in a World of Growing Natural Resource Scarcity.” The report reviews 11 agricultural traditional and modern technologies and how useful these can be in contributing to feeding the world and managing scares natural resources wisely.

Explore the tool and tell us about it!

Agritech toolbox is certainly cool, but is it useful to you? Explore this new toolbox and let us know what you think about it.

  •  What does the Agritech toolbox tell you about your region?
  •  What impact do you think these technologies could have?
  •  How does this relate to tools currently being used in your own context?
  •  How does this provide you useful information to fulfil your work, be it policy making, research, farming etc.?
  •  Does the tool inform you better on the possibilities to combine technologies for maximum impact?
  •  What strikes your attention or what is the key lesson you learn from this?

We invite you to submit 250 words to tell us more about your insights on the Agritech toolbox. The best four insights will be chosen to feature on the Farming First blog. Note that we are looking for responses from a range of regions.

Please send your contribution to Liz Sharma ( by June 30th, 2014.

If you need some extra guidance on the Agritech toolbox, read this blog on Farming First

This call is part of the YPARD and Farming First partnership, to foster youth's involvement into innovation agricultural development.